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Karl Gallagher's Journal
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Sunday, January 15th, 2006

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Weekend Ups and Downs
Not a great start to the weekend. Friday celticdragonfly and I had doctor appts close together. So I helped her and the kids get on the road, then stopped to catch my breath before heading out for my own. Then she called to let me know the van had died on the road, fortunately before she got on the interstate. I rushed off in the shadow to pick them all up and get them to the doctor (late). By the time we had them there was about time for my appointment. In the rush I'd not only skipped breakfast but didn't even get much water. And I'd woken up thirsty. This is a Bad Thing before having blood drawn. I have thin blood anyway--donating blood always puts me on my butt for at least a couple of days--but normally a draw for testing won't bother me. This time I wound up on my back with my legs up in the air. Didn't faint but came a lot closer than I like.

Once we got home celticdragonfly fed me some brunch. Then I could tackle the bigger problem. AAA towed the van to the local transmission place (drive was acting like neutral). This makes the third time it's been in for trannie work since we moved here, starting with getting the thing replaced. The warrantee on that had expired, of course. Begging for favors wasn't an option as the franchisee who'd done the work had apparently been booted out of the chain and left no forwarding address. This time it needs to get rebuilt. I got a nice "I'll do it right" speech from the mechanic.

Had a few other errands, including taking the vacuum cleaner in to be repaired. That was quick. Plug it in, turn it on, turn it off, sniff the air. "Dead." Oh, well. I managed to escape without being forced to buy a replacement on the spot by pointing out my wife would never accept one if she didn't have input on the decision. Actually, I think she'd trust my judgement but the claim did play well with the local attitudes.

Saturday was mostly working around the house. The neighbors did a solid job of fixing that hole in the fence. It's now the strongest part. After a tornado it'll probably be standing there all alone like a wooden 2001 monolith. I managed to water the lawn while the kids were playing outside without them getting muddy enough to need a bath.

That night October Country was playing in Arlington at Cooper Coffee. I got there a little before 8pm and saw Bear right away. I hadn't met him before but I recognized him. We'd been in the filk circles at Fencon last year. He recognized me too, though it was introducing myself as "Laura Gallagher's husband" which got the nod of recognition. drgnmoonshadow and Kelly came in then, which took all of Bear's attention. Kit joined us about halfway through the show, which made the couch really crowded (and fun). It was a good show. They led off with "The Mary Ellen Carter", one of my all time favorite folk songs. They did more folk than filk, but the crowd might've preferred the other way around. A lot of people looked familiar from Fencon and Yule.

I couldn't help snarking at another Stan Rogers song. "But why cannot her mirror tell her lies?" made me think of a housewife being told "Snow White is still the fairest of them all."

After the show we went back to my place to hang out with celticdragonfly, but everybody had to go off to bed. Except me--two medium mocha lattes will keep me up for a while.

Sunday looks to be calm day. celticdragonfly had a lovely morning at church. I stayed home to catch up on sleep, but instead wound up giving Jamie an emergency bath and washing sheets. But if that's the worst that happens it's still a good day.

Current Mood: calm

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