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Karl Gallagher's Journal
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Monday, January 16th, 2006

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New Ringo Book
John Ringo's Princess of Wands is out. I haven't read the whole thing but the Baen sample chapters give a good taste of the feel. The premise works like this:

Gamemaster: "Okay, I'm doing a sorta-Call of Cthulhu campaign, modern day, with some stuff from the Delta Green setting. What kind of characters do you want?"

Player 1: "I'm going to make her a suburban stay-at-home mom. She does martial arts to keep in shape and her dad was in the Army so she knows guns. She's got a bad temper but keeps it under control by being a devout Christian."

Gamemaster: "Wait a minute--the first adventure starts out in a Louisiana bayou town. How's she going to get there?"

Player 1: "Well, if the kids are getting to her she'll take off for a weekend to just unwind. And if she takes a wrong turn she could wind up anywhere."

Gamemaster: "Okay, I can work with that. What about you?"

Player 2: "I'm playing a homicide detective."

Gamemaster: "No problem."

Not that the RPG flavor makes it a bad book--and I don't know if Ringo has even heard of the CoC RPG--but I figure I'm going to wait for the paperback anyway.

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