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Karl Gallagher's Journal
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Thursday, January 26th, 2006

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Undogmatic Movie Review
Last night was movie night at kattelyn and fordprfct's house. They introduced celticdragonfly and me to Dogma. I was a little reluctant because it didn't sound like one I'd like, but I wound up laughing hysterically. I have enough Catholic upbringing to appreciate most of the subtle references. The bickering between the fallen angels was my favorite part (Jay and Silent Bob I can do without). The distinction between beliefs and ideas is a good one. A lot of what scares me about today's political/cultural environment is the amount of unexamined beliefs that people are throwing at each other--there's no way to get a consensus out of that.

Anyway, can't you see Buddy Christ standing in front of a Fosterite church?

Current Mood: amused

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