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Karl Gallagher's Journal
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Monday, June 5th, 2006

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Busy Weekend
I started out the weekend recovering from a nasty bug. Friday was an off day, so I had a chance to mow the front lawn. It actually wound up shorter than both neighbor's lawns, which must've been a shock when they got home. Then I watered the children, I mean lawn. Lots of fun for the kids. Maggie got thoroughly soaked. Jamie learned to say "Truck!" each time he wanted me to fill his dump truck with water after he dumped out the last batch.

Then I finished up an article for Pyramid. The Omniscient Eye column is returning, and mine will be one of the first appearing. That'll be good to see. It's been on hiatus for over a year now. Now back to a companion Transhuman Space piece to go with it.

Saturday celticdragonfly and I took kattelyn and fordprfct out contra dancing. Little did kattelyn know that fordprfct had been there twice before with us. We all had a good time. I was helping teach the novices. That's probably a shock to some people who've seen me dance, but I do well at contra dancing. As long as I'm in the right place it doesn't matter if I'm synched to the music, and I can do that. Couldn't dance as long as I wanted, sigh. That bug had me run down enough that I finally had to go back to the van to lie down. But I had a great time while I was dancing.

Yesterday was Maggie's birthday party, hosted by kattelyn and fordprfct. Tom and Sarah's younger girl is having her birthday a few days before Maggie's, so we had a joint birthday party. celticdragonfly posted about the shopping and presents. I handled the set-up, bringing over our shade fly and getting the water toys together. Their back yard is much better watered now. I annoyed celticdragonfly while she was spraying sunscreen onto the kids. I suggested adding windex to "keep their clothes on." She looked baffled so I explained that it prevents streaking. Maggie got a water "volcano" toy on Easter. She had a great time with it--the water was shot up so high that it felt like we were being rained on--but it was too much for the younger kids, so I switched to the gentle sprinkler. Then we had grilled burgers and dogs, and lots of presents.

Maggie had a great time. It didn't hurt her ego either. She got a new dress which she wanted to wear right away. Later she went up to celticdragonfly and asked "How do I look?" Mamma told her "You look cute." She did the circuit of the room, returned to celticdragonfly and asked again "How do I look?" "I already told you that." "You can do it again!" Nope, no shyness or modesty here.

Current Mood: cheerful

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