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Karl Gallagher's Journal
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Thursday, June 15th, 2006

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GURPS Firefly at A-Kon
I headed off to A-Kon straight from work. Glad to get away, too. It was one of those meetings where we dig into the data, discover it's worse than we thought, and I say "We have to laugh, because crying is unprofessional."

So I foolishly didn't check the con website before heading out. This would've warned me that the arts fair was shutting down the street I planned on taking to the hotel. So I wandered around a bit before lucking onto Olive St, which took me to where I needed to be. Checking into the hotel was easy. Getting a con badge, not. As a GM I had to get my badge from gaming registration, which had closed. I followed a couple of other people searching for the gaming coordinator until we decided he'd vanished utterly.

I did find telophase and picked up a copy of Project Blue Rose. Lovely story. I hope they write some more about those guys.

The crowd there boggled me. I'm used to literary SF cons which have an older crowd. As in, mostly grown-ups. Grown-ups were few and far between at A-Kon (part of why I was so glad to see telophase, and later Tom and Sarah). Ogling half-naked females is much more fun when they're closer to my age than Maggie's.

Saturday I slept late but still managed to get my badge, a bit of lunch and get set up for my game with a few minutes to spare. Good thing, too--I had six players sitting at my table right at 1pm. I repeated the adventure I ran at Fencon, with a bar brawl to warm things up.

It was a good game. It didn't go the way I expected. Nobody wants to do the dramatic chase through the asteroids, so my spaceship minis aren't getting used. The paper cut-outs of the BDHs were a hit with the players, though. Everybody had a good time and they resolved the adventure with a minimum of violence (despite a wistful comment of "Sure would be nice if we had some grenades!").

We wrapped up a little early, so I got a chance to wander the dealers' room and check messages. faxpaladin was too sick to make it, so no roommate for me (or filk for the con). I nearly didn't make it to the 2nd session on time because the elevators were having a rush hour and it took me over 10 minutes to get onto one. So I grabbed my books and ran downstairs from the 21st floor.

Four of my players were back from the first session, and we got a new captain (who happened to be a Brit). I dropped them straight into the next adventure which they did very well in. Too well . . . I dropped one of the encounters because they were cleverly avoiding the set-up for the complications, so it'd be too boring to play out. The ending was properly dramatic and gave them all chances to shine (no violence at all this time). We still had a couple hours so we went into the next adventure. This was heavy on the violence. They weren't as well armed as the BDHs (or bad guys), but dropping a few tons of gravel and hovering over a target with the engines on full made up for it. As the captain put it, "Misbehave, boys! Misbehave!"

So everyone had a great time, but I was wiped. We'd gone nearly five hours straight. Plus I'd skipped dinner. Fortunately I found Tom as he was setting up a Chinese food run, so I hung out with him and some of the other KAOS stuff for a past-midnight meal.

Sunday was anticlimatic. I was checked out early and even had time to hang out with other gamers (including my local Man In Black) before setting up for the game. Then only one player showed, the guy who'd been captain in the last session. He was pretty surprised too since the others had been very vocal about coming back. So we talked about making Firefly fan videos for half an hour and called it a day. I think scheduling a game for the same time as the hotel checkout time was probably a bad move. But I got home early, which is always good.

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