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Karl Gallagher's Journal
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Monday, August 14th, 2006

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Busy Weekend
All sorts of stuff was going on this weekend.

Took the kids out in the backyard to play in the sprinkler, but that was cancelled because of fire ants. I spotted the mound before either of them got near it, so no harm done. After I poisoned that one I did a thorough inspection and found an even bigger one. Hopefully they're dead now. I'll have to check again before we can lets the kids out by themselves.

Had dinner out with some new friends, hopefully we'll be seeing more of them.

Made a lot of progress on Jamie's loft bed. Finished the priming and did the first coat of paint on most of the wood. The hard part is having to stop and go inside when I get too hot. Dripping sweat on the wood messes up the paint. Unfortunately we wound up too tired to go to the Harry Potter concert.

The ratings for my latest Pyramid article are up, a very shocking 4.21 (out of 5). For reference, the average rating is 3.48 (which is about what my last two got) and the top ten go down to 4.44. It helps that the Omniscient Eye column seems to be very popular. Even so, the moon base article is in the top third of OE pieces. Happy dance.

Sunday morning everybody except celticdragonfly slept in and I made waffles. The kids ate as many as I did. Pretty soon I'm going to need a bigger waffle iron. The two-waffle model is just barely enough to keep up with them now. As they keep growing I'm going to have to upgrade or starve.

After some more painting celticdragonfly sent me off to boardgame night at Ryan and Jet's. First game was Tempus, a euro-style civilization game. Being a fan of Advanced Civilization I like finding games which provide the same feel. Tempus isn't it, though. It works well by itself, especially with the changing board and use of cards. But it doesn't have the growing and trading mechanisms which made Adv Civ such a great game. I need to dig out my "Baby Civ" notes and see if I can make a workable prototype of a cut-down Adv Civ. We wanted something lighter for the next game so we turned to Empyrean. Didn't do much trading in this one, Jet and I were trying to get the same cards and just butted heads until Ryan walked away with it.

I had the most fun with Primordial Soup. This is a competitive amoeba-breeding game. Yep, you've got a bunch of amoebas, and you want to have more of them out there in the soup than your rivals, while evolving new genes to outperform them. You're just handicapped by the need to follow the others around so you can eat their, um, excretions. With lots of pretty multi-colored wood cubes scattered over the board as the food. Ryan won in a close game.

Then I headed home to find that celticdragonfly had rearranged the bedroom so I now have a usable home office with desk and filing cabinet. Now I can get all the random essay fragments, references, and archive papers out of the library and organize them. And if, cross my fingers, I get a telecommuting job, I've got a place to do it now. Thanks, love.

Current Mood: happy

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