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Karl Gallagher's Journal
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Friday, December 29th, 2006

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Birthday Games
We're celebrating my birthday with card and board games. Come on by if you want to play or just hang out with us.

When: Jan 6th, 2pm to whenever, come for a couple of hours or the whole time
Where: At our place in Saginaw, TX, comment if you need directions
What: Bring your favorite game, or pick from one of ours
Why: For the fun of it.
Warning: Non-smoking house with cats and kids

RSVP not required, but does let us know how much food & drink to stock.

Current Mood: cheerful
celticdragonfly and I watched Hogfather last night, thanks to a friend who shall remain anonymous due to the legal status of downloading TV shows. She already squeed about it and I agree completely. But there's a few bits I want to comment on: Collapse ) I look forward to watching this every Christmas from now. And hopefully seeing more movies which treat books with as much respect as this one did. Though I think Hogfather was much easier to adapt than many would be.

Current Mood: happy

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