January 19th, 2007


Real and Virtual Worlds Closing In On Each Other

The Wall Street Journal is reporting on commodity price changes . . . in the World of Warcraft.

Okay, it's in the weekend/leisure section rather than the markets one, but it's a serious take on the issue. Apparently creating a "jewelmaker" character class is driving up the price of the raw materials they use. Just as economic theory would predict.

More Game Money

Pyramid just published another of my articles. Amazingly, I'd only submitted it the preceding Saturday. I guess Steven wants to keep that column going strong. Even more amazing is that the title I'd put on it stayed, almost. I'd started with "So You Want To Build Something Really Flipping Expensive" after scrapping the previous drafts and starting over. It was published as "How Do I Fund Something Really Flipping Expensive?" I didn't expect "flipping" to be the part that didn’t change.

Oh, and Eric's name was spelled right in my version.