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Karl Gallagher's Journal
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Monday, February 12th, 2007

Time Event
ConDFW Plans
I'll be running an RPG at ConDFW. This will be two sessions of GURPS Traveller: Interstellar Wars
The year is 2170. Earth's first expeditions into space found we were next to a vast, ancient interstellar empire, which promptly tried to annex us. After surviving three wars a cold peace exists between Terra and the Empire. The players will take a small freighter into Imperial space, trying to turn a profit without getting in too much trouble.
Fans of Firefly and other free trader games will enjoy this. Pre-generated characters will be provided. The game will be Saturday, 2/24, at 1-5 pm and 7-11 pm.

If it doesn't conflict with the games I'll be heckling tygerr at his space panel, and afterwards I'll be at the fencon room party until pumpkin time.

Current Mood: cheerful

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