April 8th, 2007


Snow Faire

Maggie and I went to Scarborough Faire yesterday. There were various delays getting out the door, including a few minutes staring out the window at a sudden snow flurry. Snow, in Texas, in April? Take a good look, you probably won't see it again.

That's called "foreshadowing", boys and girls.

After all, we didn't see any snow as we headed off down the interstate--the flurry had stopped. We were most of the way to Waxahachie when we saw more flurries. And it kept drifting in. I got to faire a little after 11 and there were already a couple of 20-something guys going back to their car to call it a day.

There was still something of a crowd, less than a normal day. The nobles were cheerier than usual and had worn furs if they had them. We met up with gryphynkit and Kitten (who's 3) and did some of the kid's activities. By parade time the snow was coming down in clumps. One of the nobles in the parade tried to get a chorus of "Let it snow" going--he got laughs but no singing. Lots of global warming jokes all over.

We warmed up with apple cider at lunch, but Maggie was refusing to eat or drink and Kitten was already pretty unhappy. So we did one more ride (Maggie had been insisting on the "boat ride" since seeing it from a distance) and then bailed a little after 2. I kept getting snow until I was almost at I-20.

Maggie had a great time, even if she'd started whimpering by the time we got back to the car. She likes her new friends (so do I) and wants to go again. Unfortunately I didn't have spare batteries for the camera, so there's no pix except for one of snow in the parking lot--and that was nothing compared to what came down later.

EDIT: celticdragonfly salvaged one partial picture off the camera. This is the trees next to the bakery, between 11:30 and noon. It got heavier.