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Karl Gallagher's Journal
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Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

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Post-Birthday Gaming
Saturday fordprfct, mostuff, aedynn, and trollsabre came over for another game day. First one out of the box was The Good, the Bad, and the Munchkin. Literally out of the box--it was part of the payment for my space elevator article and had just arrived the day before. It's one of the better Munchkin games IMHO--they didn't have to stretch as far to find Western themed jokes and the game stayed more balanced instead of letting a few players run away with it.

celticdragonfly skipped the game to get lunch for everyone--thank you, love! After that fordprfct and I tried out an old game of mine--Invasion of the Air Eaters. It's an SF microgame, never reviewed on BGG, so I wanted to relearn it so I can write one up. The aliens won despite a slow start, mostly because the humans had ridiculous die rolls.

The rest of the crew played chocolate Scrabble and then went into the living room to try out Guitar Hero. celticdragonfly got to show off her skills to the newbies. Then after we finished with the Air Eaters fordprfct really showed off.

Everyone got together again for Apples to Apples, followed by Family Fluxx while I put the kids to bed. I joined in the last round of Fluxx, then we played Unexploded Cow, which fordprfct won by taking the biggest pot I can remember seeing in the game.

The last game was Zombies!!!, which is appropriate for midnight. It was the first time I've played a full game but I suspect it went on much longer than normal. The board set-up had all the buildings with supplies close to base, with just regular streets on the way to the helipad. So there was no chance to get more ammo on the way and the heroes would get wiped out by the zombies before getting to the finish line. Finally we respawned enough to attrit them down . . . . "Worst monster hunters ever" was the refrain.

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