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Karl Gallagher's Journal
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Monday, January 28th, 2008

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Random Notes
Last week we were watching Buffy: the Vampire Slayer. It ended with the dramatic reveal that SPOILER was a god.
Me: "Oh, we know how to deal with that. Nail him to a stick."
celticdragonfly: "Nah, that only works for three days."
Our handbasket is marked "Express".


The Veggietales Pirates movie is good, the quality I expect from them. Probably too scary for some of the under-5 crowd. Jamie watched it from my lap and turned away during the scary bits.


One of my favorite RPG settings is Transhuman Space, a hard-SF look at what the human race will be a century from now. A poster on RPG.net complained he didn't like it because it lacked "focus", ie, the set assumption that characters in a game will engage in one mission. (D&D: Kill monsters and take their stuff, CoC: investigate mysteries and go mad from the answers). I replied, "GURPS strives for realism, and reality is notably lacking in focus."


I ran into the lovely awamiba at Chikfila while giving the kids some play time. She knew who I was because she recognized the kids. Someday I need to get the church nametag saying "Maggie's Daddy." Not a bad way to be known.


I picked up this year's batch of Girl Scout cookies from a co-worker. Turns out he won't be doing it again. That's a prohibited activity here at Lockheed. Why we can hardly imagine.

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