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Karl Gallagher's Journal
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Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

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The Rest of the Meme
thegameiam prompted me with I'm always interested in religious belief.

Not a great topic for helping beat writer's block . . . but here goes.

Simply put, I don't have religious belief. I've tried more than once but wound up going through the motions, trying to will myself into believing and failing. It's not that I'm opposed to belief. I've seen what it's done for people and I think the universe is too complex to be described with equations alone. It's more a case of being someone who can't believe in a divine being. In Kipling's words, "To these from birth is Belief forbidden."


rick_gerdes asked What was your family like growing up?

Small. I'm an only child, born when my father was finishing his BS degree. He died while most of the way through his PhD. I was five. So for all the childhood I can remember it was just my Mom and me. We were close but didn't have much time together, she had to work long hours to keep us going.


carbonelle asked tell us an amusing, charming or just sweet story about any or all of your kids

Maggie and Jamie are a very sweet pair of kids. Not to say there isn't the normal amount of sibling violence, but when they're not squabbling they're very affectionate. They're only 18 months apart so when Jamie was born we got a twin stroller to carry them in, one of the side-by-side models so they could see each other. Sometimes they'd hold hands together in the stroller. And four years later they're still doing that.

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