June 5th, 2008

Future Worth Fighting For3

Since I was asked . . .

What have I been up to lately? The usual work, sleep, family stuff. Plus WoW. Amazing amounts of time spent on WoW. Which has sucked time and energy from other hobbies, such as writing. What time I have had for writing is mostly going to gaming pieces rather than blogging. I have a couple of pieces I want to write for the other LJ, but they haven't come together well enough to get finished. The gaming pieces are going slowly but I've got one proposal into e23 and am making progress on a second. Then I'm going back to reworking a rejected project into a bunch of JTAS articles.

I also lost much of the Saturdays in February through May to the Saginaw Police Department's Citizens Police Academy. It's not an "academy" in terms of making us cops, more of a "Policework 101" class to let people know what they do. Lots of interesting material in there. I've complained about some of the trends in policing but I've got a good feeling about Saginaw's PD. They have a healthy respect for the issues and try to settle situations with minimal force. It was a lot of fun to try out some of the SWAT team weapons on the firing range.

Other highlights of the spring: Taking Jamie to the zoo, just the two of us. kd5mdk and jazz007 coming by for a visit and getting introduced to Chrononauts and Starfarers of Catan. Reading the Gettysburg Address to the children on Memorial Day and explaining why it's important.

The lowlight would be getting so sick last weekend that celticdragonfly and I had to cancel our 9th wedding anniversary trip. I'd set things up so we could have an overnight away from (all but one of) the kids. Hopefully we can try again in a month, that being when the schedule has an opening.