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Karl Gallagher's Journal
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Thursday, July 31st, 2008

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Daily Life
Playtest is in progress for GURPS Spaceships volumes 3 and 4. Unfortunately life's busy enough that I had to bail out from being part of the playtest this time. Sigh. I received playtest credit for the first two (and there's even a small text box in #2 that I wrote most of) but there's too much else going on for me to do any real testing. Part of it is that I've gotten away from hexgrid gaming and serious number crunching for RPGs over the years. Ten years ago I would've been all over this.


A few days ago the kids were playing band, using the living room couch as a stage. Maggie said, "Jamie falls down so he should be the drummer." Dunno where she got that from. We make bagpiper jokes in this household.


I've been pretty happy with the local Pep Boys auto repair shop. Usually. Sunday I took the van in for maintenance, inspection, and brake work. They reported it was ready Monday afternoon. When I picked it up Tuesday the service mentioned "You might need a jump." Tried to start it. Battery was stone dead. I pointed out that this was the same battery that was just fine when they drove it from the parking lot to the bay and did the 40 point inspection. I got a free battery. I'm just boggled that the guy thought I'd drive off in a vehicle with a dead battery in the first place.


My SCA armor is at Pennsic War. It's not mine any more. I passed it on to Louis, who I met at one of mostuff's parties. He's a student of Brian Price and needed some SCA-legal gear to join him at the war (they'd been doing historical styles). He came over to pick it up and we hauled the deeply-buried duffle bag out of the garage. I was surprised by how little rust there was, given that I haven't done anything with it in years. So Louis now has a set of half-plate, a light shield, and a pell. This is a Good Thing. It's a shame to have all that stuff sitting around unused, and if I had the time, energy, and motivation for heavy fighting I'd be putting it into something else.

I still feel a bit wistful about it.


I'm not into enforcing gender roles on my kids. But when I see a 30x50 rug with a pirate map on it, then, yeah, my son gets a present from the hardware store.

Current Mood: happy

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