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Karl Gallagher's Journal
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Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

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Daily Life
Tarrant County called me for jury duty yesterday. Went pretty efficiently. Los Angeles should send someone out to take notes. It was a civil case so voir dire dug into whether people had dealt with renting heavy construction equipment and firing subordinates. I didn't get picked but I think that's because they had more people than they needed rather than bouncing me for cause. The guys who knew something about the industry were all excluded, though.

I probably was a decent fit for the case but it looked like the kind of messy he said/she said no-angels-here squabble that would make for ugly decisions. So the other jurors can be thankful to be spared my proposal to cut the baby in half and adjourn.


Charging my day away from work to "JD" makes it sound like I was playing hooky and maybe breaking windows or hotwiring a car.


We have a new minivan. Katherine the Grape blew a head gasket. Given the other issues it didn't make sense to repair her. So we did some research and settled on the Honda Odyssey. Thus fordprfct and I wound up at David McDavid Honda trying to buy a 2008 EXL version. We soon discovered that the reason DMH offers lower prices on the cars than other dealers is that they're not, in fact, a car dealership. The cars are loss leaders intended to get people to buy upgrades, maintenance contracts, insurance coverages, and other nifty high-margin treats. We didn't want them. This lack of want had to be explained to multiple people. Repeatedly. Including threats to walk and the phrase "Other people sell this car too." The insistance on using my own credit union to finance it, and the resulting two day wait for the check, went to the general manager. The binding arbitration screw-over was alas corporate policy, so we had to suck that up if we wanted to buy new instead of used. I'd recommend David McDavid Honda only to the strong-willed.


The Library Purge is producing many boxes of books. Possibly we'll leave them by the freebie table for a few hours then take them over to the donation room, since they'd overrun the book exchange party at fencon.


I'm hitting a bit of "done" feeling with World of Warcraft, at least on my main character. His gear is in good shape. I've achieved all of the reputation goals I want. I would like to do some more of the 25-man raids but that's more to see the content than for gearing up. The gear I've got will last a while in the expansion anyway. At this point I'm done with doing dailies solo. The only exception is the Brewfest event, I haven't done those dailies enough to get bored with them. I want to down Nightbane. I'm happy to help out other people through quests and instances. But until the expansion I think I want to spend more game time on my alts.

Current Mood: happy

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