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Karl Gallagher's Journal
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Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

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Fencon 2008
Yes, it's over a week since the con. It was a busy week.

We didn't get to see as much of Fencon as we'd hoped. Having to replace our minivan on short notice knocked a big hole in the budget. So we couldn't have hotel rooms which kept us away from the late night filking. But we made it out every day of the con even if we weren't there for as long as we'd like.

Friday evening we came out with the kids so we could show them off to joyeuse13, abovenyquist, and Z and vice versa. It was nice seeing our friends again. Z is extremely cute. The kids were also happy to see kd5mdk and jazz007 who we hadn't seen in months. Our kids were quite well behaved. Naturally they were attracted to the video room since it was showing a Disney production. I wouldn't've expected Willy Ley's Man in Space to hold their attention but Jamie loved it. Possibly he'll grow up wanting to fly rocketships just like his father. But I'll try to convince him to do something he can earn a living at.

When I stuck my head in the gaming room I was immediately asked "Are you running a game?" Nope, not this year, though I did at the previous three Fencons. Didn't want to spend all my time chained to the table this year. Probably will next year though--it's good to be appreciated.

Saturday morning we left the kids with their sitter, the wonderful Lee Ann. After breakfast we dropped off the results of the library purge--nine boxes of books, mostly SF paperbacks. I taped "Homeless Books, Please Help" signs to each of the boxes and put them under the freebie table. Instant feeding frenzy. A polite one, mind you. But the books went away quickly. By Sunday afternoon only a couple of dozen were left which went into the charity donation bin.

The best part of the con was getting to see friends. We haven't been able to make many ORAC meetings lately with the kids so I got to see that crowd again. Didn't get to chat much, of course, since they were all busy running the con (and doing a great job). I saw tyledra again after far too long since the last time. I ran into jenna_thorn, possibly for the first time. It was definitely the first time I got to meet sappersgt. I'd been reading LJ since his previous deployment without knowing him in person, though I'd gamed with soldiergrrrl before. We talked about getting up a game of Ogre but never wound up in the same place again.

Not GMing doesn't mean I wasn't gaming at all. A first time player bailed out of a game of a Railroad Tycoon game halfway through so I took his place. The position was as bad as you'd expect but I improved it enough to enjoy myself, going from 6th to 4th place. After that bonafidelis lured me into a Munchkin game.

The filk Guest of Honor was Three Weird Sisters. I'd seen them before at GaFilk and two of their CDs live in my car so this was the big event of the day for me. There was a bit of trouble getting started. I miss the Tyras but I suspect some other people were missing them a lot more right then. It was a great concert. The new song from Mal Reynold's POV gave me goosebumps from scalp to shin. Afterwards I got to introduce myself to weirdsister so now she has a face to go with those comments.

joyeuse13 and abovenyquist hosted a pizza party in their room for their friends. Z was being very cute and enjoying the attention. Lots of fun chatting, but I snuck out to hang with friends in the gaming room again. Didn't stay for the open filking, sigh. Having to drive home means you can't stay up until you're so tired you're falling out of the chair.

Sunday we went to the House MD presentation. Writer Doris Egan did a live commentary on the episode "House vs. God." She had some lovely behind-the-scenes bits, including how she won an argument with one of the medical consultants by finding current research on cancer-attacking viruses. Okay, House may not be science fiction, but SF fans love it. It's the only show out there which shows the scientific method in action--collect data, form a hypothesis, test it, look at the new data.

We had more filk from the GoHs, this time performing separately as Birds of a Feather (Teresa and Mary) and the Suttons (Brenda with her husband Bill). The latter thrilled celticdragonfly with "Women With Drums." Maybe Laura should bring her doumbek to next year's con.

While saying goodbye to joyeuse13 and abovenyquist I got to meet arthurthedented, another person I'd only known through LJ. It's good to have the real life connection. Hopefully next year we'll be able to have hotel rooms and see even more of everybody.

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