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Karl Gallagher's Journal
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Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

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Books and Movies I Like
Toy Story 3

The kidlets love the Toy Story movies, so I took the older two out to see it on the big screen. Very well done story. It builds on the theme of the original two movies that toys exist to be played with. They avoided turning Andy into a jerk and even gave him a very sweet moment at the end. I heard a lot of adults crying during that scene. It was awfully scary for a kid flick, though. It was much rougher than I expected it to be. This is the first time I've ever been asked to not get a movie on DVD. She said she was afraid it would be too scary for her baby sister but I have my doubts.

To answer joyeuse13's question, TS3 does tie into the Declaration of Independence. The non-Andy part of the story has our heroes overthrowing an evil toy dictator*. The dictator makes fascist speeches. Barbie rebuts him with an appeal to the "consent of the governed." I loved it.

* If you don't want spoilers you should've seen it by now. Besides, it's Disney, you know they win.


I want to go see this a second time so I can check for details, especially the wedding ring. It's a fantastic movie, something much more complex than I expect to see coming out of Hollywood. It's actually good science fiction, a story based on a new idea that looks at the implications of it in a realistic way. Unlike other SF movies I've seen playing with dream-vs-reality it avoided having massive logic holes.

It doesn't consider all the implications. We came up with a long list of possible applications for the dream sharing technology. Not least of which is what a good dungeon master could do with it. The potentials for psychiatry and education would be much more important.

Inception also managed to be a good movie as well as good SF. Interesting characters, great visuals, and action sequences that didn't confuse the hell out of me. All this while avoiding stupidity such as making Ariadne a replacement wife for Cobb.

I expect we'll be getting the DVD and having a whole bunch of rewatches to settle arguments.

Ukiah Oregon series (Alien Taste, etc)

At first this reads like a young-adult novel of a boy taking on a man's job (tracking down lost kids and kidnap victims) and growing into his full maturity. And, in a certain sense, it is. But goes way off the normal track of that kind of story in amazing ways. If someone described the premise behind this book to me I would have skipped it because it would obviously break my disbelief suspenders. Wen Spencer made it work for me, mostly by making the protagonist as shocked and amazed by the discoveries about his own nature as the reader is. Even when stuff got over the top I cared enough about these people to want to know what happened next. Alien Taste stands alone well but I read the rest of the series as fast as I could.

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