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Karl Gallagher's Journal
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Thursday, May 8th, 2014

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30 Day Book Meme - Day 4
Day 04 – Favorite book of your favorite series

I'm not going to get this 30 day meme done in 30 days.

Favorite Vorkosigan book. Oooh, lots of contenders there. This is probably an unusual choice--I'm going to go with Komarr. Our hero arrives at the scene of a disaster, figures out it was man-made, and eventually deduces what the perpetrators did, what they want, and how to catch them. It appeals to me as an engineer. The mystery is a what-done-it rather than whodunnit. The backstory of the secret project to develop the device and the iterations they went through to make a working version are a lot of fun for me.

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