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Surviving the Holidays

Well, this time I have an impressive excuse for not getting done the projects I'd planned for the holiday break. I came down with pneumonia. Not very suddenly--I'd been having a cough through most of December, but I was also dealing with a rib injury, so I tried to suppress the cough so the ribs could heal. I succeeded. So the suppressed lung problem developed into pneumonia from being a basic cold or something. Fortunately I already had an appointment set up with my GP for a couple days after Christmas to ask for a sleep apnea study referral. I got that, plus a couple of prescriptions for some stuff that left me snoozing for the rest of the week. Now I'm cutting back on the dosage so I can function. The lungs are healing nicely, but I'm behaving myself.

I'm looking forward to being healthy in the new year.
Tags: daily life
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