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The Party With a Ship List

From a discussion on the Crimson Dark board, here's my list of all the things a group of PCs with a ship can be. Posted here for reference, and as a brainstorming aid for anyone cooking up a new campaign. The assumption is that the PCs are all or most of the crew of a spaceship.

Moving boxes:
  • scheduled freight (work regular run for big company)
  • courier (high speed delivery)
  • passengers (probably combined with another role)
  • tramp freight (odd jobs)
  • smuggler (illegal odd jobs)
  • pirate (preying on freighters)
  • privateer (legal version of pirate)

Final frontier:
  • explorers (going into unknown space)
  • prospectors (follow explorers, look for valuable stuff)
  • miners (extract resources)
  • colonists (build new home)

Tinkers (travelling provider of services):
  • repairman
  • doctor
  • general store
  • entertainers (theatre troupe, band)
  • whorehouse
  • preacher
  • crooks (Mal Reynolds & company)

Government jobs:
  • census team (taking surveys)
  • intelligence agents (spying)
  • local law enforcement
  • special investigator
  • bounty hunter (freelance version of special investigator)

Combat missions (mercenary or gov't):
  • gunboat (combat ship)
  • commandos (ship is transport for ground fighters)
  • fighters (ship is mini-carrier)
  • Q-ship (one of the above, disguised as a freighter)

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