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Geekier Than Who?

xinef posted the list of 20 Pop Culture Obsessions even geekier than Monty Python. Let's see. Am I obsessed with these?

1. Star Trek - Not since Babylon 5 started, but in high school especially, oh, yeah.
2. Renaissance faires - Yep, to meet girls. Found one, now it's a more casual interest.
3. Fantasy sports leagues - Sports? No.
4. Michael Jackson - Dude did some good music once, not that I bought any.
5. Wikipedia - Useful resource, I'm not a contributor.
6. Battlestar Galactica - Seen six eps. Will probably watch the rest sometime after I'm done with Buffy.
7. The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Went once.
8. Joss Whedon - Firefly, yes. Buffy, getting there. Angel, TBD. Never saw Aliens 3.
9. Media-specific role-playing - Star Trek (FASA) in high school, Firefly now.
10. Magic: The Gathering - I've played using other people's decks.
11. World Of Warcraft - Some of my best friends . . .
12. The Simpsons - Used to watch it, enjoyed it.
13. Doctor Who - Like what I've seen of the revival, the originals are kinda slow for me.
14. Frank Zappa - See #4.
15. Game-show tape trading - I live in a glass house and shall not throw stones.
16. Anime - I like Cowboy Bebop.
17. Cosplay - Ren faire/SCA count?
18. Live-action role-playing - See #17
19. Second Life / MySpace / FaceBook - How'd LJ not make that list?
20. Fanfic - Write fanfic? Moi?

Table-top role playing games are less geeky than Monty Python?
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