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Our church had a Saturday session to give "worship buddies" to all the preschoolers. The idea is to give the kiddies a toy and other stuff to keep them quiet and still during the service. They're also supposed to make sure their "buddies" behave properly . . . so we're getting them to obey the rules by having them enforce them on someone else. Sounds good to me. The buddies live in a backpack that stays at the church, along with a notebook, crayons, and a kid bible.

Each kid got to pick a stuffed animal from a table to be his/her buddy. Jamie picked a lamb. The next step was to all file into the sanctuary with Miss Janelle teaching them the proper manners--don't push, say good morning, accept your program, etc. When Jamie came along she asked "What does your buddy say to us?" Jamie promptly replied "Baaaaa."
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