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Singularity Quiz

Your result for "Surviving The Singularity" Test...

Prematurely Post-Human

Unless you're already uploaded, homo quantum, just playing homo sap for GRINs (that's Genetics, Robotics, Information and Nanotechnology) -- you're NEO the ONE in The Matrix of Mind, you're Mad Max Headroom or both intertwined, multi-threaded and -processed and, just to be kind, kinda nice to the humans left so far behind. THANX!

You're Already Over the Event Horizon at 54/60 Aptitude, Truly Tripped out for The Transition at 52/60 Adaptability and Mind-Mapped for Mnemonic Upload at 50/60 Attitude!

You're a virtual veteran, a cyber-sorcerer, and on The Net more entities know you by your avatar and screen name than Mere Mortals in The Meat World.

You Multi-task like a Mac: maximum overdirve;You Love like Linux: lots o'Lovin' and LOL;You Vanish like Vista: when the Fun has Finally Flown;You Crash like Windows: only when the Partyin's past.


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