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March Gaming Day Report

Last Saturday Tom and Sarah came over with their three daughters. This was supposed to be a fun gaming day for the adults but I think the kids enjoyed it the most. They were bouncing around constantly all day. Linda, fordprfct's mom, added to the commotion by coming by and giving out a bunch of new toys. The pinwheels were very popular.

All the adults gathered around for a game of Monty Python Fluxx. Turns out Linda had never watched MP so we avoided the singing and accent rules to be fair.

Next we played Tom's Race For the Galaxy. I'd been reading about that on BGG and it sounded interesting. The learning curve is a bit steep at first. I spent a lot of time staring at the icon chart. I eventually worked out a decent strategy but by then it was too late. It's a game where you have to play the cards you're dealt rather than pick a strategy and go get the cards to implement it. I really enjoyed it--the mechanics work well with the theme and it's the kind of building game I enjoy. Hopefully we can do a lot more of it.

Power Grid is another game I'd heard about on BGG. It's one of the classic "Eurogames." Fun, but not going to be one of my favorites. It did give our new kitchen table a good work-out between the board and all the card lay-outs. It ran long enough to overlap dinner, and making room for spaghetti on the table made things really interesting.

After dinner we mostly chattered about plans for future WoW raids until it was past time to put the kids to bed. Lots of fun all around. As was the gaming day we had in January with Tom and the girls. We'll have to have the next one sooner this time.
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