Karl Gallagher (selenite) wrote,
Karl Gallagher

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Pillow Fights

Last night Jamie came up to me in the living room and challenged me to a duel. He was offering a drumstick and a cooking spoon as weapons, which I wasn't thrilled with, so I offered a pillow fight instead. We quickly armed ourselves with cushions from the couch and comfy chair and started swinging away. Maggie promptly got a pillow and joined in. I made sure they weren't going to whack Alanna, who was toddling around enjoying the show. Then the little one picked up a pillow of her own and walked into the middle of us. Just wanted to join the fun. So I tapped her pillow with mine, just hard enough for her to feel it, and went back to whacking the big two as they kept swinging at me. Alanna laughed! She was so happy to be part of the game. So I gave her some more taps until we were all tired of the pillow fight.

Life is good.
Tags: daily life
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