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Poor cat

Well, we're doing something about the stray cat that's been hanging around. I put out some food and a box with towel Saturday night. Don't know if she used the box but the food all disappeared.

Last night she reappeared as I came back from the grocery store. I tossed some food on the sidewalk to buy time for the trap. While she was eating I brought out one of the cat carriers with more food inside it. She just headed right in to it, just flinching a bit as the door accidently swung in and bumped her. I got one meow as I closed and locked the door but otherwise she was completely quiet. Sigh. The total fatalism of a cat who's decided that even being delivered as someone's dinner is preferable to her current life.

So she spent the night in the garage and Laura's taking her to the shelter in the morning. Hopefully she finds a new home. I'm pretty sure she was abandoned on Thanksgiving Day or a day or two after--when I first saw her she was clean and sleek, now she's pretty scruffy. But she'd clean up well and is perfectly calm with people.

I just get so angry at the thought of whoever abandoned this poor little critter. And there may have been more than one--there's a dead cat by the road on my commute with similar markings (white with large tabby patches). And on Thanksgiving Day of all days . . . people like that is what hell is for.
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