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At-Home Training

The State Guard is giving us a lot of training to be ready for taking care of refugees. Two weeks ago it was wristbanding them so we wouldn't lose any. This weekend I got basic first aid training. Good course, the instructors were members of our regiment with experience as EMTs and such. At least the parts I saw were good. My CO wasn't there for medical reasons and as XO I had to cover whatever came up: regimental staff meeting, updating our training records with HQ, more records with the platoon leaders, and signing assorted forms. So I saw most of the class, and had time to read the book so I could cover what I'd missed. Passed the test with no problem. It was the practical part of the training that I kept missing out on. So when I got home I found a couple of volunteers to help me with the hands-on part before I could forget it.
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