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I Have a Lousy Sense of Timing

. . . but sometimes I get lucky.

celticdragonfly celebrated her birthday yesterday by going in for laser surgery to repair a worsening tear in her eye. Not knowing if she'd come home with both eyes bandaged shut I decided to get her some non-visual b-day presents--good chocolates and a lilac scent candle. She loves lilacs but I've completely struck out trying to get them for her here.

Once we had her home and she'd had a chance to relax and eat lunch I dug out the presents. I came up behind her holding the wrapped candle as she was sharing some more details about the operation. "Oh, and the worst bit--this might squick you out--when the laser was cutting on my eye, I smelled something, and I realized that I was smelling bits of my own eye that were burnt off." Clearly there'd be no better straight line so I handed her the package. When she had it open I said "Now you can replace that with a better scent."
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