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New Reflexes

I did my taxes last night. I'm actually going to get money back for the first time in several years, which was a shock. Afterwards I banged on the pell for a bit, practicing some of the blows I'd learned in Duke Paul of Bellatrix's class. Surprisingly enough I remembered them pretty well. Actually remember them better in muscle memory than mentally--he's a good teacher. Not reflexes I'd expected to have, but I like them.

Later we were in bed and a bright *FLASH*FLASH*FLASH*FLASH* came through the window. I automatically sat up and reached for the blinds to see what was going on, then turned my face away from the window and leaned over to shelter Laura. Stayed that way until even a shock wave from downtown would've arrived. Not a reflex I'd expected to have, but probably a sensible one. Al Qaeda's made one or two tries at LAX already. I think the odds of an attack here are very low, and of a nuclear one even lower, but they're not zero, and I used to think they were. So I treat a streetlight bulb blowing as if it were an explosion, just in case.

After I got Laura back to sleep I had to stay up for a couple of hours until the adrenaline went down enough to let me sleep again. Then I slept soundly. So that at least hasn't changed.
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