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It's a boy

Jamie Kevin Gallagher
3:34 am 12/15/03
8/10/10 apgar
9 lb 8 oz
length 21.5 in
head 14.5 in

Much longer labor than Maggie, much bigger baby.

We only got four hours sleep the night before because tygerr came by to cheer Laura up ("it's going to be weeks until I have this baby"). We did some hottubbing in the birthing tub since it was scheduled for a drain and fill Sunday anyway. So this triggered Murphy's Law--by the time I got the tub filled Laura was having real contractions. Wound up taking out pots of water and boiling them on the stove to speed up the warming. The midwife and apprentices arrived and things went well but slowly until Jamie arrived.

Now we're alternating sleep with getting the word out. I'm going to try for another nap.
Tags: daily life
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