Karl Gallagher (selenite) wrote,
Karl Gallagher

Let Spock Be Spock

I finally saw Star Trek: Into Darkness last night.

Good stuff first: A hell of a lot of good acting and special effects went into that. I bet there was a good script before the suits got hold of it too. Reboot-Kirk is actually developing enough competence for me to tolerate him. Noel Clarke did a lovely job of portraying a man willing to sell his soul to the devil to save his daughter.

The Bad stuff: Are there so few stories out there that we have recycle the Star Trek movies we already have?

IO9 captured a lot of my complaints about the movie, so just assume I agree with that.

Admiral Pike is advocating so strongly for Kirk that I think Starfleet HR should do some DNA testing. Pike may have been closer to Kirk's mother than Kirk's father . . .

The Admiral Strangelove plot pissed me off. It's such an overused Hollywood cliché that's become boringly predictable on top of being offensive to a lot of good men who've dedicated their lives to protecting their country.

The Klingons may be entitled to sue the movie for defamation. That's the least effective we've ever seen them. And gosh, it would be easy to go arrest terrorists if we could go waltz into their hiding places without the local governments making any trouble.

The Khan's blood bit was irritating. Clearly there was going to be some miracle to save Kirk. Khan was genetically engineered so his blood can bring other species back from the dead? Gag. Would it have killed them to insert the word "nanobot"?

Oh, Christine Chapel got mentioned. Guilt over over folding her character into Uhura so the first reboot movie could have Smurfette Syndrome? No, just fanservice. The suits clearly didn't mind letting the writers sprinkle fanservice all over the script.

What a lot of this boils down to is I think it may have been ruined by the kind of executive meddling that's destroyed other science fiction movies. Someone wanted the movie to finish up with a big fist-fight. So it did.

Thus Spock punches Khan on top of an anti-gravity, um, vehicle of no discernable purpose (it's ugly--garbage truck maybe?). Which to me just totally destroys the character. What's the point of being Spock if you're going to go around punching people? Spock solves problems with technology, logic, and/or Vulcan psychic powers. That's what he is. Did he stun Khan with his phaser from 30 feet away? Does he have the Enterprise stun the whole city block like in "A Piece of the Action" instead of beaming down? No. Had to punch him. This felt like someone sitting down at the RPG table with his intricately-crafted character and the GM declaring that the PC has Brawling-15 because "You'll need it for the boss fight."

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