Karl Gallagher (selenite) wrote,
Karl Gallagher

SOLD: Ogre Minis for Sale

Final edit: Sold to woodwardiocom

Re-Edit: I'd put this on hold because of disaster but I'll be at the Ogre Launch Party if someone wants me to bring them along (10/14/13).

As I contemplate where the hell I'm going to put my copy of Ogre Designer's Edition, one thing has become obvious. I have a stack of Ogre Minis that have never been painted, never been played with, and are never going to be if they stay with me. So they should go to a better home.

So here's what I've got:
1 Deluxe GEV
The minis from Deluxe GEV (the board and rules for that may be around somewhere). 4 x LT, 6 x LGEV, 6 x GEV, 4 x HVY, 4 x MSL, SHVY, MHWZ, HWTZR, CP, 18 x INF, 8 x bases.

2 PS 7 Inf
Panuero Set 7. 48 x INF, 24 x Heavy weapon.

Paneuro Set 5. 6 x GEV-PC, 18 x INF.

4 CS 10 HT
Combine Set 10. 6 x hovertrucks, 2 x LAD.

5 future wars
Non-SJG minis in the same scale. Future Wars brand. 50 x INF, 5 x SP gun (MHWZ or HVY), 5 x MSL, 5 x LT, 5 x HVY, 5 x medium (HVY or LT).

6 mix
A few items accumulated separately. 24 x bases, 2 x GEV-PC, HWTZR, cruise missile crawler.

7 CMC closeup
Alternate view of the cruise missile crawler in above photo. No, I only have one of these.

By bathroom scale this adds up to 3.5 lbs, call it 4 with packaging. I'll be at the Ogre Launch Party in Austin and will deliver free there. Otherwise we're looking at maybe $20 shipping, exact amount to be calculated later.

So comment with questions, clarifications, bids, or arguments for putting this up on eBay.

Yes, I do want to sell this as a single set.

Edit: this is on hold indefinitely.
Later edit: Back on, and I'll take them to the Ogre Launch Party.

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