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Thinking About Democrats

I'd originally been pretty disappointed in the Democratic field. I was rooting for Lieberman because I thought he'd confront Bush on issues that are getting glossed over--letting people defend themselves instead of depending on the bureaucrats who failed us before, fixing the corrupt relationship with Saudi Arabia, settling the question of whether we should play defense against the terrorist alligators or go drain the swamp of Arab tyrranies. But Joe doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

Dean frankly scares the hell out of me but there's one great advantage to putting him against Bush: We can have an election that settles once and for all whether we view 9/11 as a criminal act by some thugs who got lucky or the opening of a war against a broad movement of people who want to destroy us. Usually a Congressional vote can settle that but right now we've got a bunch of senators who voted one way and are now saying the reverse.

I don't know much about Edwards, I'm going to have to read up on him.

Kerry I really can't see voting for under any circumstances. An officer who daydreams about call girls while his men are under fire really shouldn't be given higher line responsibilities. And as a politician he's a constant trimmer--I'd expect him to propose a manned mission to Phobos.

The primaries here are March 9th, so I've got time to think. Hopefully I'll have an easier time making up my mind by then.
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