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This would be a good year for me to try Nanowrimo. I'm actually doing some serious writing. I'm close to the 50,000 word mark on a space opera novel I started in January. So I could follow ursulav's footsteps and do a Nanofimo (Novel finishing) to blitz it. I've got a solid outline to the end, and one key end scene is written because the Muse was too enthralled with adding details to it to let me write the next one in sequence.

Of course, my writing time is limited by the day job. I can write on the weekends and often do. But first weekend has a cub scout event. Next weekend is my Guard regiment marching in a Veterans Day parade, followed by family picnic. Weekend after that is more cub scouts. Next one has a Guard community service event. Then there's Thanksgiving . . . when we're inviting people over for gaming. So, nope, not getting a huge burst of writing done this November.

At the rate I'm going I'm in good shape to finish before next Fencon. I may sign up for the writing workshop, depending on what I think of host Carrie Vaughn. Haven't read any of her books yet, figure I'll read one or two before making the decision. Another writing workshop I might take it to is a cruise with Toni Weisskopf, but that'd be pricy.

For anyone reading this, the gaming day on 11/30 is technically a Royal Manticoran Navy event, but anyone interested is welcome, shoot me a message.
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