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My space opera novel is picking up speed, a combination of having more time to write over the holidays and rushing to the end. 79,878 words as of today. Which is a bit short, actually. The remainder of the outline will get me another 5k words and Baen wants 100k or longer (this, seriously, is something that needs to go to Baen first). I have an idea for a subplot that's totally unconnected to the main plot but would set some stuff up for the sequel. That would probably only get me another 5k.

Well, I'll get the zero draft done and look it over. Some parts may cry out for unpacking. Or for chopping, in which case being 10k short is the least of my problems.

Meanwhile I keep having scenes from a portal fantasy popping up in my head. I'll write those out to get me a little time to get perspective on the zero draft. Then I'll see if it's actually going to become something or just be scrap lumber.

In other news James (no longer Jamie) received his first computer for a combo birthday/Christmas present. Today after working on his pinewood derby car I showed him how to use Wordpad. He's starting a fantasy story. The opening paragraph I saw over his shoulder was the classic backstory dump beloved of beginning fantasy writers. I'm very proud.
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