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A War Prayer

Lord Lugh, guide our warriors' hands, that they may strike true and kill the evil, not stray and hurt the innocent.

Lord Tubal Cain, strengthen our warriors' arms, that they smite the evil ones so they will not rise again.

Lord Kernunnos, lighten the feet of the conscripts facing our warriors, that they may flee to safety and not die in the service of evil.

Lady Bride, ease the pain of all those wounded in this war.

Lady Niamh, comfort the parents and widows and orphans of those who die in this war.

And Goddess Athena, though my blood is not of your tribe, I beg you to grant wisdom to our chiefs, that the ashes of this war may fertilize a harvest of justice.

This we pray with all our heart and soul.

So Mote It Be.
Tags: pagan, war
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