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I'm giving up on my once-favorite magazine. It had been *the* libertarian magazine for a while, but now it's been taken over by ostrich-isolationist wing of the libertarians. Sigh. So I'm not renewing my subscription.

Naturally this got me regular renewal notices, the latest with a "personal note" from the publisher asking me to renew. I figured that deserved a response:

Dear Mr. Alissi,

The last renewal request I received included a note from you, so I thought I should write to explain why I'm letting my Reason subscription expire.

I used to be thrilled when my new issue arrived. It tackled issues I didn't see discussed anywhere else, important ones that should be dealt with. The articles also had suggestions on how to fix the problems, much better ideas than I'd see elsewhere.

Now I flip through and see that the most important issue of the day--surviving as a free people--is ignored or treated to dismissive comments with no ideas for a better way to do it. Ron Bailey's science articles are still fascinating, but it's hard to care about urine testing, steroids, or Jesus figurines when I can't be sure my daughter will live to adulthood without someone trying to kill her for being an "infidel."

I've seen a lot of libertarian approaches to our defense--reconstituting the militia, using networks of bloggers to analyze intelligence data, directly educating children in Arab countries--but not in the pages of Reason. If you do decide to publish a magazine that tackles how to survive and be free at the same time, please be certain that I'll buy it.

Karl Gallagher
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