Karl Gallagher (selenite) wrote,
Karl Gallagher

January Writing Progress

Goals for month:

1. Do sales tax forms on time. Check.
2. Write 10,000 words. Seven thousand. Plus most of another thousand in scrapped additional scenes for a short and a political post.
3. Ping my blurb writers. No. I'm terrible at marketing and publicity.
4. Not nag my editor/narrator. "Moderate" and "Better than I expected" she says.

Other things accomplished: I did the rewrite of "Silicon Valley Riot" and sent it off to a paying market. The other shorts sitting around were also submitted, so everything is in submission except the ones I wrote for the class back in 1989. I should take a look at those.

TLW/TWR are making progress. I'm just not on the critical path currently.

The space opera novel looks like it's going to come out around 60k, which is enough to sell as a stand-alone I think. This will be reevaluated depending on how TLW/TWR sell at that size.

I'll be on several panels at ConDFW. I took myself off the Dr Who panel as I'm several seasons behind on the show.

Goals for February:
1. Write 10,000 words.
2. Put space opera scenes in order to create a zero draft for the alpha reader.
3. Write a short story after SO is done.
4. Plot second SO book.
5. Ping TLW blurbers.
6. Review stories from 1989.
Tags: writing
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