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I went to fighter practice last night. Was doing pretty good, got complimented on being more agressive than I had been. I took one really hard whack on the shoulder and had to pause a moment to catch my breath. Finally stopped the bout when my glasses fogged over from sweat.

So Ungust and I walked back to the sideline, chatting, and noticed that the tie holding my shoulder armor in place had broken. I carry some rat belts in my duffle for quick fixes, so Ungust fixed it for me so I wouldn't have to unsuit.

But then I noticed that when I held my arm straight down, my shoulder hurt. And if I brought it up cocked for a blow, that hurt too. So after about ten minutes of testing my range of motion and hoping it would start feeling better, I called it quits for the night. Sigh.

The amazing thing for me is that I hardly noticed the pain until my adrenaline level went back down. It's a wonder we can acknowledge blows at all out there.
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