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Ostara ritual

Last night we went to the Ostara ritual hosted by our local CUUPS group. This was Ostara as in "name for a pagan vernal equinox ritual", not as in "Northern European fertility celebration." The priestess was using American Indian symbology which is new to me. Have to say I'm spoiled by Ancient Keltic Church--the ritual kept getting bogged down by logistical bottlenecks, the kind of stuff AKC has trained people to figure out while designing rituals. Plus it didn't have as much emotional impact as an AKC event. But it's still good to get out and meet people and feel part of the community.

One other big difference was the number of kids at the ritual. With 40-45 adults there were a dozen pre-teen children, three of them babes in arms. It's nice having other kids for ours to play with.

There's a full moon circle we're planning on attending in two weeks, and they're going to have a daylong bash for Beltaine. After that the schedule's not fully settled. Laura may volunteer to run the Lammas ritual. I'm glad we found CUUPS, I think we're going to be going to a lot of their rituals.
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