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Daddy's Shift

Laura went to the SCA Arts Pentathlon today while I stayed home with Maggie. This was my first full day solo, and we were worried since Maggie doesn’t like bottles at all. She eats solids now, but she’ll get way too thirsty if that’s all she has. So if I couldn’t get her to drink I’d have to call Laura home from the event.

Giving her apple juice from a cup didn’t work too well. The juice went in, but she could get it from the front of her mouth to the back and it all spilled out. So I got a medicine spoon and poured it into the back of her mouth. Worked great. She was thrilled, drank a whole bunch of juice (at her age, “a whole bunch” = tablespoon).

So I was giving her another drink that afternoon when Laura got home. She said “hi” to Maggie, who was delighted to see her. I offered Maggie some more apple juice (wanting to show off my new technique) and she went *WHACK* on the spoon. Nope, no need for apple juice when Momma’s around.
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