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Mama Play-Time

I was gone yesterday from 8 am to almost midnight, and got home so tired I was zonking out while celticdragonfly tried to get her first adult conversation of the day. Not that she was mad, she made a nice breakfast for us this morning and we chatted. She mentioned wanting to see the new Harry Potter movie and how the kids would make it impossible. So I checked the listings, found a nearby morning show. She wrestled with the logistics of taking Jamie and I said I'd keep him.
"You can't take care of all three."
"Sure I can."
"He'll never last three hours without a feeding."
"You just put over 10 oz of milk in the fridge."
"He's not bottle trained, you don't even have a bottle."
"He drinks medicine from the dropper."
"The milk's all cold"
[snip exact description of how to warm and test milk]
"But . . . but . . . but . . ."

And off she went to the movie.

All three are doing fine. And no, this was NOT an Evil Plot to get myself a bunch of computer time to catch up on yesterday's blogs.
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