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Moderate Majority

"If the two presidential candidates this year were John McCain and Joe Lieberman..." Oh, don't tease me like that. Gosh, struggling over who to vote for, what a concept. This NY Times article actually makes me feel a lot better. Reading various extremists on both sides makes me worry about whether there's a civil war in our future. Articles like that remind me there's a lot of consensus in this country, and a small fringe that gets more money the worse they make things sound.

I kick around the idea of making one house of the state legislature proportional representation because that would expose how small some of the fringe groups are. Right now somebody can claim to be spokesman for his religion/ethnic group/cause and there's no way to refute him. Give him the chance to run statewide with every supporter casting a vote and he'd have to put up or shut up. Then the next he makes an angry speech the response can be "Oh, that's the guy who got 1.6%, never mind him." Implementing it would be pretty straightforward in California, I haven't dug into the Texas constitution yet to see what it'd take here.
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