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Stephen Green wrote up the Game Plan for the war, stressing the need to maintain the initiative and how unpredictable the post-war world is after every war.

Jeff Medcalf elaborated on this with an emphasis on the cultural aspect of the war, including the need for missionary work not just to break the will of the enemy but also to strengthen the faith of our own people in Western culture.

This was clearly getting too serious, so I suggested:

I'm thinking of missionary work, pagan missionaries could have a big impact. If we really want to produce an "Allah, why have you forsaken us?" reaction, a skyclad Beltaine in the ruins of Mecca is probably the best option.

Jeff's reply:

Well, Karl, I think the part that would really disturb them would be when we roasted the whole pig for the celebratory feast. I hear they have a black stone that would make a great carving slab...
Tags: culture, freedom, war
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