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Laura is going to be pissed at me.

The kids were driving her totally nuts this afternoon, especially after Maggie kicked into NeededNapAndDidn'tGetIt mode. So I came home and she was totally frazzled, trying to get garb together, and most of the way to punting on the SCA meeting. I took over the kids so she could garb . . . and Maggie fell asleep in my lap. I laid down Maggie upstairs, Laura headed out the door. Then I played with Jamie a bit, he fussed, I figured it must be dinner time. So I'm giving him some mashed fruit in the high chair . . . and zonk.

So here I'm taking on the sacrifice of watching the kids so she can go out, and they're asleep, exhausted from driving her insane. I'm sitting here at the computer in total peace and quiet. I think she's going to be pissed. I figure I'd better accomplish something with this time.

Update: Maggie woke up and demanded dinner. So I'm not having it too easy.
Tags: daily life
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