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Must Be a Girl Thing

celticdragonfly just returned from a visit to the secondhand kids clothes store. After getting everything settled she got the bag and said "Want to see what I got?" I'm an experienced enough husband to realize that the correct answer to this is "yes." So while Brendan read comic books and Jamie played on the floor I nodded approvingly as she showed me a bunch of overalls she'd found for Jamie. She had to hold them up high because Maggie was right there wanting to grab hold for a closer look at them, even though she was told they weren't for her. Then out came the prize, a purple dress with lace trim and embroidered snowflakes. Maggie was delighted and wanted to try it on immediately. So now she's wandering around in the dress and showing it off to me. I don't think I've ever so excited by new clothes that I had to try them on right away, even spiffy dress-up garb. So is that just me or is it a boy-girl thing?
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