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Just in time memory

I got home tonight, fed Brendan and Laura and me with some samples given to Maggie, and sat there relaxing. A memory started nibbling at me--what was I going to tell Laura? Oh, right. So I started to tell her, then said "No, I'm going to make a phone call first." So with Laura asking what phone call and getting alarmed by my smirk I pulled up the number on Yahoo, called the cheap theatre, and found out Chicago would be starting in 10 minutes. That's the movie she has the soundtrack for, and the stage show soundtrack, and couldn't see when it was out because it wasn't released in our area when we had a babysitter available. Coincidentally the theatre's just under ten minutes away. So I kissed her and sent her off to the movie, just in time.

I'd actually spaced out about seeing the theatre listing, but it worked out perfectly. I told her about it and chased her off to see it before she could come up with any reasons to not go. That worked well, wish I could do stuff that well timed on purpose.
Tags: daily life
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