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A - Age: 36

B - Birthday: Jan 8

C - Children: 7 yr old son, 1 yr old daughter, baby due December.

D - Dark secret: Please submit your clearance dates and need-to-know to the program security office.

E - Exercise: Pushing luck, and occasionally swinging a sword.

F - Fantasy or science fiction: 1:3

G- God, Goddess, pantheon?: Keltic

H - Home: Rented house in Redondo Beach

I - Illnesses: whatever bug the kids bring home from school

J - Job: Engineer

K - Kinks: One guaranteed to scare away even the most jaded leather-clad fetishist. Procreative sex.

L - Location: Southern California.

M - Monster or hero: Hero, though more in the Kermit the frog “somebody’s gotta be in charge of this mess” mode.

N - Newest toy: LiveJournal

O - Optimist or pessimist: That glass is half full of water and half full of air. If that’s your standard water payload you’ve overdesigned your glass capacity. Let’s develop a statistical model of your expected water usage and we can design a customized glass to support the three sigma case with 10% margin to prevent spillage.

P - Pets: 4 cats.

Q - Quote: “No, the actual worst case scenario would be if . . .”

R - Relationship: Married, father.

S - School: BS in aero/astro engineering from MIT, MS in systems engineering from USC, and if I set foot in a classroom again it’d better be at TPU.

T - Talents: Logical analysis

U - Unfulfilled ambition: Build a cheap way to get into space. I did put a tiny scratch on that windmill, though.

V - Vacation in 2003: I think Civ2 is as close as I’m getting to that.

W - Wish: To live someplace where I can afford a backyard for the kids.

X - X-rated?: Are the kids asleep yet?

Y - Years online: 18

Z - Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Tags: meme
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