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Fun Times

Last night was game night. We got a bunch of people from ORAC and the Browncoats board. sandy_tyras came with her whole family. artcat81 and Morgan (Lost_thought) came up from Houston. We also had arcbat, brigand13, tasllyn, Holly (SerenitySprings), and Craig, who’s going to have to create some online alternate identity if he’s going to keep hanging out in this crowd who's DnDFreak, but I'd missed that on first introduction.

In keeping with Celtic tradition we made sure we had enough food on hand to feed twice that many. Most impressive was celticdragonfly’s Castle Cake. She also figured out what combination of pizza toppings would satisfy everyone from vegetarians to obligate carnivores, without using Excel.

Oh, yeah, games. Lots. We had two tables going at once, and a third one that got used for a chess match. The fourth table was used for the pizza since everyone wanted to combine for big games instead of splitting into 3-4 player groups. The games: Fluxx, SPANC, Chez Dork, and maybe Ivanhoe (too much going on for me to see everything).

We also had three rounds of Keep Flying, my Firefly card game. This was testing a new rule limiting how many cards you can get after losing your ship. I’d been having a problem with it being too easy for losing players to leapfrog over the ones who’d been in the lead. Kind of like the unintended consequences of the SCA’s fight-kneeling rule—I’d made it so the best strategy was to lose your ship as soon as you can. I think that’s fixed. Only one of the three games was won by someone who was grounded and came back. That’s about the proportion I’m aiming for, so I’m happy. I’d be even happier if I had a statistically valid sample, but that’s going to take lots more games. The Browncoats had a lot of enthusiasm, so hopefully we’ll play more soon.

Maggie and Jamie were wonderful kids. They were playing nicely with each other and letting celticdragonfly and me play most of the time.

Thanks to everybody for coming over and being wonderful guests! We’ll have to do this again soon.
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